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Taiwan Formosa Chefs Association- Member’s Benefits The ‘Taiwan Formosa Chefs Association’ welcomes all members of the culinary industry and anyone with a passion for fine food to join the big family. Here, we have outstanding professionals from both local and international culinary fields, and many others who have great passion toward fine food all joining together to pass on the Taiwanese culinary culture and art; to train and lead future culinary professionals; and to increase the F & B and hospitality services standards in Taiwan in order to gain its prominent place in the international culinary community. As a member of ‘Taiwan Formosa Chefs Association’, you can enjoy the various exclusive members benefits. For example, publications for latest news and development in the culinary world; arrangement for free professional culinary support and consultation; and a variety of courses to improve your skills and knowledge with special member’s only discounts for the courses. The common passion to enjoy great food is without national boundaries! we sincerely invite you to join the big family of ‘Taiwan Formosa Chefs Association’ and let’s enrich your living with exciting culinary activities and join with us in the quest for fine food.