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 Bio of Mr. Alen Chien


Competition Participated Awards Received


2011 FHC Shanghai Western Three Course Menu Gold Hot Cooking- Silver Medal   

2013 HOFEX ICC Hong Kong Gourmet Team Silver Medal

2014 FHA Singapore Gourmet Team Bronze Medal

2015 Thessaloniki Greece Hot Cooking Fish - Gold Medal 

Hot Cooking Beef - Silver Medal

2015 HOFEX ICC Hong Kong Hot Cooking Beef – Bronze Medal


Chef Alen Chien is serving as President the Taiwan Chefs Association (TCA). Born in 1971 and native to Taiwan, he graduated from national school where he obtained an MBA and attended graduated with distinction from the culinary arts programme course at Cordon Bleu, Japan. He perused his carrier and work experience throughout various restaurants and hotel establishments.

Through his carrier and business adventure, Chef Alen Chien has secured himself a leading role in the culinary hospitality sector throughout Taiwan whiles mentoring young chefs and professional alike, holds frequent educational workshops and creates, attends,  and leads regional and international culinary competitions. His leading role as mentor, WACS approved Judge B and WACS Educational Committee Member has gained him a vide recognition amongst his peers. He served as Vice President of the Taiwan Chefs Association until 2017 and is Chairman of the Taiwan Culinary Arts Challenge (TCAC).  


簡義展先生Alen Chien目前擔任台灣廚藝美食協會(TCA)理事長。 生於1971年,出生於台灣,畢業於國立學校,獲得工商管理碩士學位,並畢業於日本藍帶的烹飪課程課程。 他擁有各種餐館和餐飲業的工作經驗。

通過他的運營頭腦和商業冒險,簡義展先生已經在台灣的烹飪餐飲業發揮了主導作用,他同時也指導年輕廚師和專業人士,經常舉辦教育研討會,創建,參加並領導區域和國際烹飪比賽。 他擔任導師的領導角色,身為WACS B級評委和WACS教育委員會成員,獲得了同行的認可。 曾任台灣廚藝美食協會副會長(2014-2016),2015第一屆台灣烹飪藝術挑戰賽(TCAC)主席。